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Teresa Durning has a strong business background, is a community volunteer and outdoor enthusiast who has been dedicated to making Vernon a great place to live and work for more than a decade.

Teresa has been nominated for multiple community leadership awards including Top 20 over 40 and Community Leader of the Year. She is well-known for her passion and commitment to Vernon’s success.

As a Vernon City Councillor I will continue to be available for its citizens including quarterly community engagement sessions, timely response to phone calls and emails.

Teresa’s Commitment to the Community includes:


Advocate for improved access to affordable and attainable housing within the city including people on assistance or disability government programs, seniors on limited incomes and working families earning between low and moderate incomes.


Supporting initiatives that help Vernon reach its climate action plan goals including efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change on our community.


Work with the business community to support resilience through the pandemic rebound and support initiatives that ensure future growth and sustainability.

As the dust is settling after a very challenging year I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed with grateful emotion.

In 2018 we ran an amazing Vernon City Council campaign and, although well supported, I came up a little bit short. Many of you felt the emotion of that night and like me became more determined than ever to secure a seat in 2022. Little did we all know the universe would deal us a hand that we probably didn’t see coming.

In 2021 all of you receiving this newsletter participated in some way to “Team Teresa” winning the municipal by election by 14 votes. This win allowed me the honour of completing our friend Dalvir Nahal’s City Council term.

It has been nearly 1 year since that campaign and I believe, with support from each of you, I was successful in honouring Dalvir’s wishes and dreams for our City. This past year was also a gift for me as I was able to work hard, learn and prepare for the 2022 campaign that started a few months later.

A mere few weeks ago in the regular municipal election, you my friends, my family and my campaign team showed the community what hard work and commitment can do placing me in a top 3 position after only 8+ months in my seat.

Over the past few weeks I have had time to reflect on our accomplishment and the blessing each of you are to my life both professionally and personally. My heart skips a beat each time I think about the journey with each of you, the work, the long talks, the donations, the laughter, the meetings, the words of encouragement the giving selflessly of time and of recourses and mostly the belief each of you have shown in my ability .

I wanted to share today how much I appreciate you believing in me and how grateful I am for the sacrifice each of you made ensuring that I reached my goals and had the opportunity to represent you on Vernon City Council 2022-2026.

My commitment to you and our Vernon citizens is solid and unwavering. I promise to honour the task that nhas been assigned and will ensure I am as dedicated on the first day as I will be on the last.

I look forward to many more fun-filled Vernon days with each of you as this adventure continues.

Teresa Durning
Your Friend & Vernon City Councillor

Teresa Durning

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